2013 new year resolution of Yongxing Science and Technology

Calm down, think it over before staring off in the new year 2013 In the pas year of 2012, Du Pu, Zhen Huan, Niao Shu and Yuan Fang all were busy, but everyone in Yongxing Science and Technology was busier.We were busy to earn money, save money, and expect more money, we were busy to support the whole family, to satisfy the leader and to convince the subordinate, we were busy tolisten good music and refresh the micro bo, to greet from happiness and see the gossip.

There is no the most busy but the more busy in the new year 2013. So, please calm down and think it over. On the occasion of the new year, the whole country is still in steady growth under great pressure.The 7.5% had held in our hand at the end of the year, but we haven’t find sustainable and reliable increasing momentum yet.

We dare not to consume, we have invested a lot and it is time to stop, the export still depends on the European and America, “three-in-hand” has problems, “ two wheel drive” just started,the transformation trial brought spring driving force, also as he east wind blew.Do the worst preparation, strive to do the best, we should hold on it big to govern the country, small to owna family, whatever on pioneering-work or maintaining achievement.365 days flies in a hurry.A country developed with rapid speed must be blatant, and inevitably be impulse, but please calm down and think something some time.  We can think about: we should not only have courage but the wisdom at this crucial time of reform, also should grasp the laws accurately.In the deep water area, the brave man can make a decision, the wisdom can know the depth, you can swim to the shore finally if doing things according to the laws.

We can think about: the government must have the ways, the market must have power and the social organizations must have vigour.Those who have ways should speak and act cautiously, those who have power should be in accordance with the laws and act, those who have vigour should not act withoutregard for any authority.

We can think about: we call for the moral with finding “the best”, we also build standard with drawing outline of the

laws, the more we need to set up the basic order of the market economy with laws.Those who will be incapable without moral, those who will no road to go without laws, those who will not do things orderly without laws.

We can think about: the relay of yesterday, today and tomorrow is both the start and the extension; it both can inspire new idea, accumulation and inheritance. It is betrayal if forgetting yesterday; it will be harmful to the country if only talking tomorrow; it will be helpful to develop ourselves if only working at today.

It begins to busy in 2013 start from now. We get from the country, and it needs to get from us.We have created somein the past year, and we need to create more this year.Busy make quiet more precious, action make thinking more necessary, ugly make fine stronger, fall behind let development stronger.
No matter how busy you are, please remember why Yongxing Science and Technology start off, and where it will run to!

No matter how busy you are, please remember why we work hard, not only for the better life!

No matter how busy you are, please remember where your lover is , him or her is not only the people who you should

Be thankful. No matter how busy you are, please remember it is necessary to stop and have a vacation on your exhausted body and mind.

Calm down, think it over before staring off in the new year 2013.