At the tenth anniversary of Xi’an Yong Xing Science and Technology Development Co., LTD,the president Mr.Wu YaMin wrote 《Ten years,moving ahead with a dream》

Ten years,moving ahead with dreams 

It’stotally 10 years since Xi’an YongXing Science and Technology Development Co., LTD founded in the end of 2001. With

ten years of ups and downs, along the way, there are a lot of felling. Although we experienced depression, pain, failure and

helplessness; But it was a joy, touched, sweet and success.At the same time, more let we have a sense of responsibility and


I am glad we have caught up with the great development of the good old days of our motherland.I am glad I graduated

from xi ‘an petroleum institute, and I continued to work in oil industry.I sincerely thanks all the new and old friends of

Xi ‘an YongXing Science and Technology Co.,Ltd during the last ten years.Specially thanks to the proposed valuable

improvements to our products from experts of China Petroleum Logging Group (CPL) the relevant departments for the

strength of trust and support,specially thanks to CPL project, COSL electrical and mechanical institute, Petroleum Great

Wall drilling, Sinopec logging company,Shengli Weiye,22 institute,Peking Huanding,ect.Thus oepn the nationalization

of the oil well logging instrument insulators.All of these to confirm our determination to go on in the oil well logging

instrument industry.Ten years, together with pain and happiness,we follow the footsteps of China’s research and

development of the oil well logging instrument way.And now effects ofis bocming bigger.

We deeply know the great distance of the R & D level between Chinese oil well logging instrument and overseas.

The high temperature high pressure composite insulators specially applied on oil well logging instruments are far

Beyond the confines off traditional insulating materials.Because thousands of meters high temperature and high

Pressure and with underground oil, gas, water and harmful gases such as H2S, CO2, under the complex working conditions of synthesis, application of insulating material performance considerations, it is the world never focus

On the problem of composite materials, there are many subjects to study a lot… .

We reflect on ourselves and continuously explore every day.With our persistent, professional attitude and scientific

and pragmatic style of work, we firmly believe that within 1~2 years we will catch up with or surpass the manufacture level

of insulators specially applied for oil well logging instruments. At least to change the backward situation in oil well logging

instrument special used insulators aspect in China.The strong pass is a wall of iro,with firm strides we are crossing its summit.

With the growth of “RICHFRP”, I respect the idea of harmony and win-win policy, I advocate the pursuit of innovation, I admired and like-minded people sharing weal and woe. Let’s start together toward the sacred, noble and good ideal shore.

Best wishes to my respectable oil equipment R&D colleagues: healthy, safe and happy every day!