Yongxing Science & Technology【RICHFRP】2018 New Year Speech

Hold dreams and go forward

The New Year 2018 that full of hope and longing is coming with vigorous strides, in the first day of this New Year, on behalf of my family, I sincerely expressed my heartfelt thanks to all the employees in the production line during the holiday season. Everybody worked hard! Thank you all for sharing the day and night with me and wish everyone and your family a happy New Year and all the best! At the same time, we sincerely thank our loyal customers and suppliers!

2017 is bound to be memorable year, we tackle hardship, market outside, grasp management, science and technology innovation oriented, devote themselves to scientific research, in the completion of the original product upgrades at the same time, the development of composite materials as an opportunity, successively R & D completed AB nylon sleeve, ladder cars, cable brackets and modified plastics and other composite materials products, our LEAD【LEADFRP】’s H-class products have passed international authority UL flame retardant V-0 certification, laid a solid foundation for the company continuing development.

In 2017, we experienced the trials and tribulations of the stormy and difficult markets, as well as the joy and hope brought about by the scientific achievements. We will redouble our efforts in 2018, to shake the spirit, seize the opportunity to create success! We are convinced that: happiness is achieved through hard work, let us all join hands for a better tomorrow and work hard!

Finally, I sincerely wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy new year!

Success accompanied by hardships, harvest accompanied by sweat. We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of leaders and their families in every day of fulfilling and busy. We are grateful to all our partners for their support. We are full of confidence in the future, and have sharpened our indomitable spirit. Have faith in our heart, dreams for ourselves ahead, down-to-earth, reluctant to leave, no difficulty can stop us to move forward!

Written in Sanya Jan 2018