Leading Pultrusion Plate Mass Production in China

In November 2019, Lead Composite Material CO., LTD(LEADFRP)signed a contract with the customer to continuously produce the weather-resistant composite pultrusion plate for outdoor bridge construction engineering with a width of 1200 mm, a thickness of 25 mm, and a length of 6000 mm.

This composite material is made of ECR fiberglass reinforced vinyl resin (DSM ) of Jushi Group Co.,Ltd ( CHIAN JUSHI ) . The formulation process of its weather-resistant surface felt has been verified by American ( NEXUS ) company’s technicians for many times before production and finite element theory was adopted to analyze the mechanical properties to achieve a primary successful production.

Through all staffs’ efforts, expected products have been made and can meet customers’ technical requirements after the physical and chemical, and comprehensive tests.

Lead Advanced Composite Material Division has largely invested in production equipment and test instruments in recent years, focusing on the needs of customers in Europe and the United States and has been engaged in continuous on-site improvement. Addressing the Chinese government’s concern about critical climate change, Lead also focused on the health and safety of its workers. By November 2019, more than 20 machines in the pultrusion profile workshop were all in operation with full orders and tasks.

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Leading Pultrusion Plate Mass Production in China