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Building of 2.5million kilowatt offshore wind power project in using of FRP Embedded wedges for wind power blade in Three Gorges

On April 3, China Three Gorges New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Three Gorges New Energy) issued an initial public offering prospectus. According to the prospectus, the number of shares issued this time does not exceed 8.571 billion shares, that is, does not exceed After 30% of the total share capital, the total funds raised reached RMB 25 billion.

The funds raised were mainly used for the Three Gorges New Energy Yangxi Shapa 300MW, Three Gorges New Energy Yangxi Shapa Phase II 400MW, Changyi Ocean Ranch and Three Gorges 300MW Offshore Wind Power Integration Pilot Project, Zhangpu Liu’ao Offshore Wind Farm Area D Project (402MW) , Changle Waihai offshore wind farm area A project (300MW), Xia New Energy Jiangsu Rudong H6 (400MW) offshore wind farm project, Three Gorges New Energy Jiangsu Rudong H10 (400MW) offshore wind farm project Three Gorges New Energy Wind Power Construction.