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Fiberglass Profile can be used to produce window

There are four basic materials for windows: metal (mainly aluminum), wood, vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl, fiberglass and wood are good thermal insulation materials because of their low thermal conductivity. For metal, this indicator is higher, but can be lowered by a hot insert. The advantage of metal windows is their high environmental resistance. This is the most expensive window type.

Usually, the frames of wooden windows are made of pine and walnut, although today you can also find windows made of oak, beech or even trimmed wood. They have an attractive appearance of natural materials and are considered environmentally friendly. These windows also have disadvantages-they can get wet, rot and be destroyed by microorganisms.

Therefore, vinyl or glass fiber is considered to be the most popular window material due to its low cost, neat appearance, long-term use and versatility. We will tell you their advantages and disadvantages below.

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