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700MW! Mitsubishi Vestas wins big order in Japan.

Recently, MHI Vestas announced that it will supply wind turbines for the Japanese AYOW offshore wind power project.

AYOW’s full name is Akita Yurihonjo Offshore Wind, which is the offshore wind farm in Yurihonjo, Akita Prefecture, with a planned total installed capacity of 700MW, jointly developed by a consortium of multiple Japanese companies, including Tokyo-based energy company Renova, Cosmo Eco Power, Japan’s earliest energy company focused solely on wind power development, East Japan Railway Company JR-EAST, and Tohoku Electric Power, the largest electric power company in Northeast Japan. When the project is completed, it may become the largest offshore wind farm in Japan.

Renova CEO Yosuke Kiminami said that the AYOW project will become Japan ’s largest offshore wind power project in the future, because the stability of the wind turbine is crucial. We believe that Mitsubishi Vestas wind turbines will be very suitable for this project, and we look forward to working with them to ensure benefits for the local community.