Application of FRP Pultrusion profiles

Leadfrp Composites provides an extensive array of pultruded fiberglass structural shapes and FRP pultruded profiles through Creative Pultrusions.

In addition, Leadfrp offers the variety line of products. It will reduce the material and labor cost associated with your structures. Moreover, it can span further and carry higher loads than traditional pultruded FRP I and W Beams.

The optimized fiber architecture and high fiber volume fraction provide a great Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) for the different structures.  As a result, it is superior to all other I and W shapes on the market. The different structures are also 43% stiffer than typical pultruded profiles! The angles have been optimized for connections. They are the number one choice for superior connection performance!

Moreover, the standard structural profiles and different structures will provide you with the lowest cost solution for your corrosion application! Review the Leadfrp Pultrusion Design Manual for specific engineering design information on all of our FRP structural profiles.