Introduction of pultrusion grill

The pultruded composite grid is made of pultruded “I”, “T” shaped profiles as the load-bearing strips, solid pipes or bars as connecting rods, and a plate with voids made through a certain assembly process . Because the distribution of wattles can be defined according to customer requirements, there is no fixed board design.

The pultruded composite grid has most of the characteristics of the molded composite grid, but there are also significant differences. The most important point is that the load-bearing bar has a high glass fiber content (75%-78%), so it is different from the molded composite grid. Compared with the plastic composite grid, it is more advantageous to use under a large span, which will reduce the foundation support and reduce the engineering cost.

  • Advantages of pultrusion grill:

[1] Corrosion resistance: The pultrusion grill has excellent corrosion resistance, and can withstand various degrees of acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts and many other gas and liquid media. Because its surface is rich in resin, it is more plastic than molded. The grid is low, so its corrosion resistance is slightly worse than that of the molded grid. According to the requirements of actual use occasions, o-phthalic, isophthalic, and vinyl resins can be economically selected as matrix materials.

[2] Lightweight and high-strength: Composite pultruded grids are formed by heating and pultruding glass fiber, continuous mat, surface mat and other reinforcing materials through resin infiltration. The high glass fiber content (above 70%) makes the unidirectional specific strength and specific rigidity quite outstanding.

[3] Flame retardant: The oxygen index of the general composite pultruded grille is above 33, and the flame propagation rate (according to the ASTM E-84 test) is <25, which is the flame retardant grade one, and has obtained the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Approved; the oxygen index (GB8924) of the phenolic pultruded grille reaches 100, the flame propagation rate of ASTM E-84 test is 5, and the smoke density is 10.

[4] Impact resistance and fatigue resistance: The composite pultruded grille has the same high impact strength as the molded grille, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation; it has moderate elasticity, which makes the personnel working on it feel comfortable for a long time .

[5] Anti-slip: The surface of the composite pultruded grille has a pre-designed linear anti-slip groove, and an additional anti-slip effect can be added by sanding with an adhesive.

[6] Anti-aging: The composite pultruded grille is made of high-quality resin and glass fiber system to ensure the service life of the product is more than 20 years. After atmospheric exposure, although the appearance has changed, the strength can still remain above 85% after 20 years.

[7] Beautiful and easy to maintain: The composite pultruded grille is also made by blending color paste into all resins. Its color is bright, not easy to fade, does not need paint and has a self-cleaning effect.

[8] Safety: The composite pultruded grille and the molded grille have excellent electrical insulation, no electromagnetic properties and no sparks. It is used in working areas with conductive hazards, equipment sensitive to magnetism, and flammable Explosive place. Has good economic benefits. The production process of the composite pultruded grille adopts automatic control, and the product quality is stable; there is basically no corner waste during the process, and the effective utilization rate of raw materials is high; the production efficiency is high, and the labor cost is low; the product length can be cut at will according to the needs, specifications and dimensions It can be varied, with less cutting waste.

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