Composite materials have huge growth potential in the Asian market

JEC proposed a new study titled “Global Composites Industry: Structure, Trends and Innovation”. Based on the growth, innovation and development potential of the global composite materials industry, this research expounds the prospects of composite materials research and development.

One of JEC’s tasks is to report on economic and technological developments and provide technical training for composite materials professionals,” said Frédérique Mutel, JEC President and CEO. “In this period of radical change, let decision makers and their teams understand All the latest developments and the new opportunities they usher in are very important. This is what we want to do for them through this new strategic research. “

   According to JEC, any country’s composite material industry output growth directly affects that country’s GNP growth.

  In the past 50 years, the average annual growth rate of the global composite material industry is about 8% (referring to the increase in production). This sustained growth is mainly driven by a considerable number of innovations. Breakthroughs and incremental innovations have opened up new markets for the composite materials industry, spurred development, and surpassed the previously existing industry application growth. LEADFRP composites.

   Because of its light weight, high strength and other competitive advantages, composite materials have begun to replace other competing materials.

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