Fiberglass composite cable support

  The product material is a thermosetting polymer composite material, which is composed of resin, glass fiber and filler. Its characteristic is that the material performance and product structure are designed simultaneously according to the requirements of the user, and the production of the material and the production of the product are carried out at the same time.

  The bracket is a combined type, consisting of a supporting arm, a column and a connecting bolt. The column is made of trough material, which can be cut in length according to the needs, adjust the height of the floor, and assemble freely; the support arm has three specifications to choose from to meet the requirements of different lengths and loads.

  This product is suitable for various cable laying places, and it is extremely convenient for on-site installation and cable laying facilities. The specification of the bracket arm assembly connection bolt is M8*65, and the column fixing expansion bolt is M12.

  This product has excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance. The designed service life in the cable trench is 50 years, and the ground is 25 years.

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