Wind power development status and analysis of wind power composite material market

Facing the threat of increasingly depleted fossil fuels and the increasingly severe energy dilemma, countries around the world are discussing the issue of follow-up energy continuity.

Among the various options, wind power has gradually become the most worthy of consideration. Wind energy resources are clean renewable energy sources. Wind power generation is a renewable energy technology with the most mature technology, the most large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects among new energy sources. It may become an important alternative energy source in the world in the long run. LEADFRP composite blades for wind power.

Many countries in the world have attached great importance to the development of wind power. The installed scale of wind power continues to increase, the single-unit capacity of wind turbines continues to expand, and offshore wind power is gradually commercialized.

The European Wind Energy Association and Greenpeace’s “Wind Power 12: Blueprint for Wind Power to Reach 12 of the World’s Total Electricity in 2020” is based on this.

China is rich in wind energy resources, mainly concentrated in the Three North regions and the eastern coastal wind energy rich belt. The gradual improvement in design, manufacturing, construction and management capabilities has made my country have the prerequisites for large-scale wind power development.

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