Application of Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials in Wastewater Recovery and Seawater Desalination

To solve the problem of water shortage in California, the governor of California ordered major state agencies to develop blueprints to meet California’s water demand and ensure that California provides a safe and flexible water supply.


To achieve this goal, several feasible solutions are proposed: 1) increase the water storage infrastructure; 2) dig one or two tunnels under the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta to better control the traffic from Sacramento. The Kramando River transports water to approximately 27 million people in Southern California; 3) Wastewater recycling; 4) Seawater desalination; 5) Improved aquifer (groundwater) replenishment.


Fiber-reinforced composite materials will play an important role in all of the above applications, but the most important ones are in wastewater recycling, groundwater storage, and seawater desalination.


The pressure vessel made of fiber-reinforced composite material (FRP) and processed by the winding process is a key vessel to solve municipal wastewater recycling and seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination to produce clean water.