Company Introduction

【LEADFRP】Composite Material CO., LTD is the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Xi’an Yongxing Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. It mainly works on R & D, design and manufacture of glass fiber composite material,carbon fiber composite material, aramid fiber composite material, basalt fiber composite material and its products. 【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., LTD was founded in 2001, it has staff of 108 at present. There are 5 high polymer material research personnels , 6 composite material engineers and 4 inspection engineers of raw material and product quality. It also has 55 FRP pultrusion production line. And is China’s largest and the most powerful manufacturers of FRP pultrusion profiles.The registered trademark of product is
Main products of 【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., LTD including:FRP composite pultrusion profiles, FRP composite pultrusion angle, FRP composite pultrusion square tube, FRP composite pultrusion round tube, FRP composite pultrusion T bar, FRP composite pultrusion rectangular tube, FRP composite pultrusion flange beam, FRP composite pultrusion round rod, FRP composite pultrusion channel beam, FRP composite pultrusion grating; Phenolic resin pultrusion profiles, Phenolic resin pultrusion grille, Phenolic resin pultrusion evacuation platform,The phenolic resin composite material cable mounting bracket;FRP wind power blade, Dry type transformer insulation dogbone and corner piece, Dry type transformer and reactor with ventilation and insulation; FRP Subway tunnel evacuation platform, FRP composite molded grating, FRP composite molded grating cover plate, FRP composite slide walk, FRP composite cable trench cover plate, FRP composite ship deck, FRP composite stairarmrest, FRP composite electric protective fence, FRP composite separation barrier, FRP composite safety fence in overhead viaduct, FRP composite cable tray, FRP composite trunking,FRP composite ladder, FRP composite inclined ladder, FRP composite ladder stand, FRP composite caged ladder,

The products of 【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., LTD also include:FRP composite profiles used for cooling tower, FRP composite insulation profiles, FRP electrical cross arm, FRP cable bracket, FRP composite communication radome, FRP composite insulation ladder(straightladder, trestle ladder, extension ladder, combined clim ladder), FRP tool handle, FRP live working tool, FRP lamp pole, FRP lighting pole, FRP composite sign pole, FRP sign pile, FRP signboard. FRP insulation step ladder, flame retardant and smoke-free FRP composite channel for escaping of subway tunnel, FRP protective cover for the third rail of electrified railway, flame retardant and smoke-free FRP pultrusion cable tray, Railway station FRP blind pedal, carbon fiber composites【CFRP】series, FRP reinforced and recycleed dock fender series, FRP cable protective tube series, electric precipitator specialized composite vibration insulator(used in top and side), FRP composite sound screen facilities, FRP cable strengthen core(GFRP glass fiber or KFRP aramid fiber), high and intermediate frenquency electric furnace used insulation flat bar and insulation support, FRP solar photovoltaic bracket, laver culture specialized high strength FRP deepwater pole, laver culture specialized high strength FRP deepwater inserted pole, ect.

The products of【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., LTD are widely used inpetroleum, petrochemicals, chemical industry, port, electric power, transportation,papermaking,medicine,steels,foodstuff,municipaladministration,realestate, photovoltaic solar,cleanenergy, ect all fileds. They are applied for different working conditions, such as acid and alkali, easy to rust in damp, pollution, high temperature and flammable working corridor, chemical working platfrom, trench, offshore oil drilling platform, offshore oil drilling and drilling machine used ladder pedalsat top and bottom, electric precipitator in power station ect.

The products from 【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co.,LTD are exported to the world. The main market are North America, Europe and southeast Asia. Now the products have been exported to the United States, France, Britain, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Russia, kazakhstan, Brazil, Armenia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries. We get acceptance from customers at home and abroad because of our good products, fast delivery and excellent service, and gradually establish a long-term and stable cooperation with customers,winning the praise of customers.

Besides, the carbon fiber composite materials CFRP projectgeneralofficewas founded according to future market developing demand. We produce carbon fiber rod, sheet, tube , square tube and others carbon fiber composite profiles. We are committed to the serialization of product’s specification and the diversification of varieties of carbon fiber products, furthest meeting customer’s needs for the new material in the future.

【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co.,Ltd possesses 20000m2 standard plants, 80 sets of advanced various manufacturing and machining equipments , 55sets of assembly pultrusion production line, including one 1000KN tensile strength machine and one 200KN bending and torsion machine. We also can proceed basic property test of different kinds of composite insulation materials according to GB, ASTM, etc standards. Our productspassed international authorized institute of TUV Rheinland(Germany) type test,passed international authorized institute of USA (UL) type test, obtained UL test report. It is the most largest manufacturer of composite insulator pultrusion core rod, also one of the largest manufacturers of fiberglass insulation sleeve (tube) and pultrusion profiles.

【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., Ltd strictly carry out standardized,scientific and normalized management mode. We fully implement ISO9001 quality management system, ERP managing system and 6S management mode through the whole service cycle of contract signing, production, process inspection, finished product ex-factory, after-sales service,which outstandingly reflect ” Quality is the life ofenterprise” . The company passed ISO9001 quality and management system identification, ISO14001 environment management system identification, GB/28001 occupational health and safety management system identification. But all the time we insist on the self-denial concept of 99+”1″=0 in quality and service.

【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co., Ltd always adhere to management concept of“continuous improvement, pursuit excellent”, in order to satisfy customer’s requirement on products, we keep improving self technological level and productivity to decrease the production cost. Our company owns a group of experienced professional technicians and excellent team. We carry out the conversion of product design ,mold design and product standardized testing, scientific and reasonable,complete solution will be provided to customers in accordance with the customer’s technical requirements. Product qualified rate is as high as 99.9% under the strict quality control of production process. Through many years’ production practice, the company has accumulated rich experience, and can ensures the high quality of FRP products.

【LEADFRP】Composite Material Co.,Ltd has been taking the management concept of ” Basing on quality, Winning by service, Marching ahead with sincerity” a long time. Basing on the domestic market, facing to world, we extensively participate in international technical exchanges and cooperation. We stick tohonest and pragmatic work style, possess advanced technology and process in composite insulating material, and have the best cost performance with competitive advantages.All these have won many strategic coorperation partners for the company at home and abroad.

Pursuit of excellence, sincere and extraordinary service, we keep trying……

Company Introduction