Composite Cross-arm Application

In order to fully promote the application of new infrastructure technology and build a more intelligent, economical, and environmentally friendly green power grid, China Southern Power Grid Corporation is in the first-phase access system project of the 500 kV Datang Leizhou Power Plant in Zhanjiang (the first bid) Tried the application of new technology to the composite cross-arm tower. Compared with ordinary transmission line poles and towers, this technology has the following main features: First, the use of composite materials to cross its own insulation characteristics to effectively reduce the width of the line corridor, reduce transmission line construction costs; Second, the use of composite materials excellent corrosion resistance, reduce Corrosion of transmission towers in coastal and heavy industrial areas increases the service life of transmission lines. Third, the use of composite materials with high strength and light weight reduces the difficulty of construction and construction of transmission towers and improves the efficiency of mountain grid construction.