Compared with other pultruders, LEADFRP employs exceptional technical on-staff strength in all applicable engineering disciplines. The Company manufactures its machinery, tooling, and dies, and hosts a full-service machine shop and chrome-plating operation in house. This translates to customers being able to work with LEADFRP as a full-service provider for any pultrusion needs. Registered professional structural engineers design structures or provide technical design support to customers. Mechanical engineers design equipment, tooling, and perform FEA analysis on real or proposed pultruded parts. Electrical and systems engineers design the systems and electrical components that make the equipment efficient. Chemical engineers and chemists assure that the many resin systems used by LEADFRP are right for the job. Graduate engineers also hold key positions in sales, manufacturing, quality assurance, and general management.

Product Range

LEADFRP has by far the world’s largest array of proprietary fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) structural products including standard structural shapes, plate, grating, planking, handrail systems, building panels, ballistic resistant plate and systems, power poles, nuts and bolts, cooling tower components, ladder rail, and tool handles. The company also has hundreds of active customer-owned sets of dies and tooling for custom parts, some of which are available for use with a small royalty to the die owner. The extensive product range means more products to sell, and more products to choose to optimize solutions.

Fabrication Capability

LEADFRP excels at fabrication from simple material preparation (sanding, cutting, routing, drilling, coping, and painting) to full assembly or pre-assembly. Experienced fabrication personnel make extensive use of CNC drills and routers and other computer controlled equipment to assure accuracy and efficiency. This capability becomes a de facto increase in an allied fabricator’s capacity and ability to deliver large volumes of fabricated products in a timely manner.

Research and Product Development

LEADFRP has an active R&D and product/process development function. This results in a steady stream of:

New products
Product improvements
Process improvements
New materials for use in pultrusion
Cost reductions
New markets for composites
LEADFRP is committed to the concept of continuous improvement.