FRP Crossarm Manufacturing Process

To promote the construction of a new type of power system with new energy as the main body and ensure the safe and stable operation of the power system, the National Energy Administration will intensify its work in the following four aspects:

One is to strengthen the construction of flexible regulation of the power supply system. System absorption capacity is a necessary condition for the development of new energy. We will comprehensively upgrade the flexibility of thermal power generating units, develop peak-regulating natural gas power stations in light of local conditions, and accelerate the development of pumped storage power stations and the research, development, and application of new types of energy storage. We will increase the system’s capacity for flexible regulation, and increase its capacity to absorb and store new energy.

Second, we will vigorously improve the power demand side response capacity. Demand side response is an important way to improve the flexibility of the power system. We will focus on speeding up the improvement of the electricity pricing mechanism, guiding users to optimize electricity consumption patterns, and freeing up the power flexibility of residential, commercial, and general industrial loads. At the same time, we will explore the demonstration of virtual power plants, such as flexible charging of electric vehicles and intelligent scheduling of big data centers, in the face of new models and new business forms of terminal energy use.

Third, we will accelerate the transformation and intelligent upgrading of distribution networks. We will promote the transformation and upgrading of distribution networks, develop micro-grids and local area networks that absorb new energy, and increase the carrying capacity and flexibility of distribution networks.

Fourth, we will accelerate the research, development, and application of key technologies for new power systems. New power system to the new power technology for the strong support, we will focus on promoting artificial intelligence, big data, internets of things, such as advanced information and communication and depth of the power system integration, speed up the flexible dc transmission and distribution, large scale energy storage power station and other technology research and development, demonstration and application, formation and transformation of energy and low carbon development to adapt to the new type of power system, the key technology of the system.