FRP electrical insulation cross arm

Non-alkali glass fiber impregnated polyurethane injection pultrusion process, segmented temperature control heating molding. The power frequency withstands voltage, leakage current, and bending load could fully meet and exceed the size characteristics and technical conditions of the porcelain cross arm insulator. Its characteristics include (figure 3):

1、The polyester mat is used on the surface to improve the aging resistance of products.

2、Tube with polyurethane foaming agent could increase the strength of the cross arm and prevent rain infiltration.

3、Rectangular tube has a plastic cover on both ends.

4、FRP composite insulation cross arm effectively solves the existing defects in the wooden cross arm and iron cross arm which has poor anti-corrosion and flame retardant performance, low strength, poor insulation, and short service life.

5、This product also has below advantages: lightweight, good specific strength, good impact resistance, excellent dielectric properties, excellent corrosion resistance, and heat resistance.

The specification of pultrusion outdoor insulation electrical cross arm includes rectangle foam-filled tube, rectangle hollow tube, solid or rectangle rod, etc.