FRP Wind Power Blade Application

The advantages of carbon fiber materials in the field of wind power can be reflected as follows:

  1. Improve the bending stiffness of wind turbine blades and relieve their net weight

The relative density of carbon fiber is about 30% smaller than that of glass fiber, but the compressive strength is about 40%, especially since the strain rate is 3~8 times higher. The use of carbon fiber material for large and medium-sized wind turbine blades can make full use of the advantages of light elastic cotton. According to scientific research, the same blade with a length of 34M has a quality of 5800kg when using glass fiber to improve the alkyd resin, 5205kg when using glass fiber to improve the epoxy resin, and only 3805kg when using carbon fiber to improve the epoxy resin.

  1. Improve the fatigue alleviating characteristics of the blade

Wind motive in the long-term work under outdoor natural conditions, environment humidity, storm and accumulation elements such as wind-power blades are very likely to make easy to damage, carbon fiber raw materials, excellent resistance to fatigue property and the chemical has excellent corrosion resistance, acid, and alkali salt air when combined with composite resin, into a wind power generator in one of the best raw materials in bad weather conditions.

  1. Make the power of centrifugal fan smoother and more balanced, and improve the application efficiency of wind power

After the application of carbon fiber, the net weight and bending stiffness of the blade are improved, the hydrodynamic characteristics of the wind turbine blade are improved, the load on the tower and shaft tenon is reduced, and the power of the centrifugal fan is smoother and more balanced, and the efficiency of wind energy conversion is improved. In addition, the carbon fiber blades are thinner and the blades are longer and thinner, increasing the efficiency of the kinetic energy output.

4, can produce the responsive blade

The responsive centrifugal fan flexibly uses chemical fibers to improve the characteristics of raw materials, which can cause asymmetrical and various raw materials. The design scheme of bending and distorting the blade is adopted to reduce the instantaneous load when the blade rotates in the strong wind and avoid harm to the centrifugal fan.