Marine Engineering used a Composite dock fender

Composite dock fender is made by fiberglass and epoxy resin pultruded rod as inner enhanced reinforcement, wrapped recycled waste polyethylene (HDPE) outside, produce outline mold according to outline dimension and designed strength request, to continuously mold thermoplastic cylindrical products. It is the upgrade of replacement new products of the same kind of wooden dock fender, silicone fender, etc. It is the new type of the best engineering indispensable new materials of the dock in construction.

1.The features of composite plastic dock fender are as follows:

  1. Raw material is 100% recyclable waste plastic, which accords with environmental protection principles.
  2. Tenacious surface has anti-corrosion and ultraviolet light function which makes the service of life is longer.
  3. High strength, good impact resistance, high rigidity.
  4. No corrosion, rust resistance, aging resistance, resistance to ultraviolet rays, and ozone.
  5. Not affected by the Marine borers.

6.No blocking of ocean current, no stagnant water at the dock, and not polluting the seawater.

  1. Can be Filled and drilled, easy to cut.
  2. Simple construction, short time limit, low comprehensive cost
  3. Through recoverable deformation to absorb the impact of the external energy.
  4. Low friction coefficient.
  5. Can make any length continuously, and no seam in the middle of the product.
  6. Does not contain any chemical preservatives.
  7. Could be installed and used according to conventional ocean building methods.
  8. Could be designed and produced according to the requirements of customers.
  9. Easy transportation and convenient installation.
  10. Since 2002, hundreds of terminal has used plastic fenders.