Measures to be taken in the future

Judging from the impact of new energy grid connection on the power quality of the power grid at the current stage in my country, my country’s grid connection technology needs to be researched and developed in the following four aspects: DC transmission technology, grid connection method, intelligent control technology and dispatching technology. Make greater efforts and intensification to play a pillar role of renewable energy in the way of grid connection, and to carry out effective operation and control in terms of technology. With the continuous development of more and more widely used information technology and the continuous progress of science and technology, human control will be replaced by intelligent control one day in the future. In order to effectively improve the technical level of power grid system security, it is necessary to use intelligent control technology; in terms of power transmission technology, the research and development of DC power transmission technology and large-scale energy storage technology must be continuously strengthened and improved, and then the power grid will be operated. The reliability and stability of the system are demonstrated through the DC transmission technology, which will reduce the damage to the grid when it is connected to the grid through large-scale energy storage technology. At the same time, when mutual dispatch work is carried out in areas with relatively poor new energy or areas with more new energy, dispatching technology has also been widely used while working, and the corresponding technical level will be improved accordingly.

Summary: Due to the characteristics of new energy and the low level of technology in my country at this stage, the integration of new energy into the grid at this stage has produced some negative effects on the application of power grids in my country, threatening the safe and stable operation of the power system to a large extent. . (Note: According to the experience of developed countries in Europe, when photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation exceed 6% of the total grid power, it will affect the stable operation of the grid, and an energy storage device must be installed.) Therefore, in the face of this situation, it is necessary to Let relevant personnel and relevant government departments improve relevant technologies and standards to ensure that while eliminating the adverse effects of new energy grid connection on my country’s power grid power, it can effectively promote the development of my country’s power system, and ultimately provide people with safety and stability. To ensure the normal production and life needs of people, improve and improve people’s quality of life..

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