Summary of FRP pultrusion profiles products

【LEADFRP】 Composite materials product, that the material choice is wide, there is always one suitable for you

Product features: food grade, flame retardant, conductive type, acid type, highstrength, specific surface, etc.

Resin matrix materials: unsaturated resin, vinylester resin, phenolic resin, polyurethane resin,etc..

Reinforced fiber material:Non-alkali glass fiber in succession(or carbon fiberglass,or basalt fibre,aramid fiber,continuous mat,knitted blanket,multiaxial fabri,etc.)

Surface material: glass fiber surface mat, polymer surface mat, special surface mat, beautify surface mat etc.

◆Characteristics of material — light weight,high strength,corrosion resistance, insulation, heat insulation, No electric magnetic, low thermal expansion coefficient, aging resistance.

◆Mechanical properties— layer structure design

◆other—flame retardant performance can be designed

— electrical conductivity can be designed

◆Rich colors — the colour can be selected.

unnamed file


unnamed file

【LEADFRP】Pultrusion grating ordering instructions

Customers need to provide the following, content.#specifications, #technical parameters, #acceptance standard, #packing requirements and using conditions.

Our engineer can make preliminary design(layer structure design,materials select and production process ) to ensure that the product’s cost performance satisfy your requirement most.

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