FRP pultrusion communication radome

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome adopt non-alkali glass fiber impregnated resin base and pultrusion continuously at the controlled temperature of mold. The advantages as belows:

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome has reasonable structure design,reliable with no deformation,because its physical dimension will always keep stable. So the device will get water in because of deformation of FRP housing and also needn’t install screws, keeping beautiful.

【LEADFRP】 FRP pultrusion communication radome’s compound design consider all kinds of outdoor complex conditions. It has the resistance to ultraviolet absorption, aging resistance, resistance to high temperature, crazing resistance, corrosion resistance (under long-term exposure or being used from -50°C to 100°C, physical properties and dielectric constant of the products won’t change).

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome, add the additives when doing frp pultrusion radomes’ compound design, so it increases adhesive force between resin and glass fiber. The rich resin layer won’t drop, wrinkle up and can keep the color for a long time in bad climate.

【LEADFRP】FRP communication pultrusion radome use high performance resin and high strength alkali-free glass fiber cloth. This glass fiber cloth is specially processed. The radome’s all physical properties(such as impact strength,bending strength,tensile strength,tensile modulus) are much higher than the randome which is made of normal alkali-free glass fiber colth and medium-alkali cloth.

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome has the features of light weight, excellent wave transmission (the transmission can reach to 98% above), diversified shape and specification, and can be suitable for all kinds of harsh environment, ect, it also widely used in area of aerospace, communication, meteorology, ect.

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome hs become the qualified supplier of China mobile, China unicom, China telecom.

【LEADFRP】FRP pultrusion communication radome is classified to omnibearing(tube) and oriented(bread shaped or platy). The current sizes as below:

FRP pultrusion communication radome

FRP pultrusion communication radome