DMC Composite Fence Accessory

FRP Fence and FRP Connector

Lead FRP Fence, which compose from FRP Profiles and FRP Connector, its features as belows:

1).DIY site installation

Transform traditional FRP Fence of tapping, slotting, complicate and inefficient

precise cutting installing process into DIY simple operation(only a drill needed);

2).Higher strength

Because of special connector used, integrated whole link, maximum guarantee the strength of fence.

3).Higher ageing resistance

Lead fence profile, wrapped with anti-aging polyester layer, efficiently solve the problem of surface chalking and fiber exposed when

used in outdoors.

1. Common FRP Fence spcification

2. There are yellow and green two colors of FRP Fence for option, the FRP Fence LEADFRP produces is yellow color.

3. The series number of FRP Fence joint

DMC Composite Fence Accessory

DMC Composite Fence Accessory

DMC Composite Fence Accessory

Special instruction

The company can produce as customer’s request, such as the different shapes, outline dimension, load request and different colors, we will supply quite good and competitive cost of product.