SMC Composite Material Cable Tray

SMC Sheet Molding Compound is made by Unsaturated polyester resin, thickening agent, initiator, crosslinking agent, low shrinkage additive, filler,internal releasing agent and colouring agent, ect blended resin paste impregnate short cut fiber roving or glass fiber mat, and wrap polyethylene or polypropylene film to shape sheet molding compound.

The construction of BMC Molding Compound is similar with SMC, it is a kind of modified group that premixed mouldingmaterial, can be used molding and pultruding. The only difference of both is the form and process of producing.

SMC Composite Material Cable Tray SMC Composite Material Cable Tray

SMC/BMC Composite material has good electrical performance, mechanical performance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, the material formulation adjustment is flexible, that can meet all kinds of performance request by user, the mechanical properties are comparable to those obtained with some metal materials, so as to widely use in transport vehicles, building, electrical/electronic industry, etc.

SMC Composite material cable tray

Composite cable tray produced by high temperature and pressure molded with SMC sheet molding material, it is popular with people as its high strength, corrosion resistance, light density, high electrical insulation performance, excellent anti-fire performance, long service life, ect good features of molded products. There are many kinds of FRP cable tray in the market, different types and materials of cable tray are multifarious, the most representativeis SMC composite cable tray and BMC composite cable tray. The widely used composite cable tray including the following three kinds:

【1】Introduction of embedded type cable bracket

Embedded type cable bracket ducked to the wall when the construction team build the wall, it eliminates procedure, save time and labor, free to install, there are various specifications can be supplied, and meet the request of different lengths and load.

SMC Composite Material Cable Tray SMC Composite Material Cable Tray

【2】 Introduction of Combined cable tray

Combined cable tray is combined type, composed by cable tray, pillar and fixed pin. The material of pillar (It is channel steel usually) and fixed pin pultruded by fiberglass composite material under high temperature, the pillar can be cutted as customer’s demand, adjust the height, free of assembling, there are various specification supply to choose, will meet the request of different length and load. The connection of which with structures by bolts or other structures within the embedded parts.

SMC Composite Material Cable Tray SMC Composite Material Cable Tray SMC Composite Material Cable Tray
Product name Item Type Installing distance Bracket effective distance Column selectionspecifications Weight capacity Choose of screw
Composite Cable Tray 1 FRP-DLZJ-250Z ≥150 200 Normal type ≥200kg Φ12
2 FRP-DLZJ-300Z ≥150 250 Normal type ≥200kg Φ12
3 FRP-DLZJ-350Z ≥150 300 Normal type ≥200kg Φ12
4 FRP-DLZJ-400Z ≥150 350 Normal type ≥200kg Φ12
5 FRP-DLZJ-450Z ≥150 400 Normal type ≥200kg Φ12
6 FRP-DLZJ-500Z ≥200 450 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14
7 FRP-DLZJ-550Z ≥200 500 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14
8 FRP-DLZJ-600Z ≥200 550 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14
9 FRP-DLZJ-650Z ≥200 600 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14
10 FRP-DLZJ-700Z ≥200 650 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14
11 FRP-DLZJ-800Z ≥200 750 Strengthen type ≥200kg Φ14

【3】 Bolt fixing type cable bracket

Bolt fixing type cable bracket is the connection between corbel and structures by expansion bolt connect directly, it is suitable for bricklaying cable trench brick, concrete pouring cable ditches, cable tunnel, other structures supports for cable. As of the single fixing no need of pillar, it will be flexible to install, the cost will be relatively low, the bracket also can be used for installing of arc-shaped tunnel, the installation usually finished in the cable ducts one-time, not as integrated truss arm free installation.

SMC Composite Material Cable Tray SMC Composite Material Cable Tray

Technical index comparison of composite cable bracket and traditional angle iron support

Items Composite cable bracket Galvanized Angle steel bracket
(g/cm3)Density 1.80 7.85
Strength ratio 167 90
(80°/100h) Corrosion resistance 0.012 0.023
Flammability 符合 FH-1 Comply FH-1
(%) Water proof 0.11
Corrosion resistance Corrosion resistant , resistant to acid andalkali salt Easy to corrosion , easy to rust
Insulation Insulation Conductive
Mechanical strength Top force 2.5kN, deflexion 1.0cm Top force 2.5kN, deflexion 1.2cm
Transverse to the force Top level of the offset 7cm Top level of the offset 7cm
Weight Light Weigh
Producing process difficult degree Easy More process, long producing cycle
Cable outer sheath grinding test No obvious visible damage A little visible damage
Maintenance Free of maintenance Maintenance once each 5-7 years
Installing work program difficult degree Short time and easy to install Long time and hard to install
Service life Above 30 years 10 years