FRP insulation step ladder

Insulation ladder applies the non-alkali glass fiber impregnated unsaturated resin and takes shape by hightemperature molding pultrusion. Compared with the traditional wood and aluminum ladder,the glass fiber reinforced plastic

composite insulation ladder has insulation function,which has more safety features during the electrician operations. Its main erect section materials are glass fiber reinforced

tube or I-Shape type,foot plate generally to be insulation round tube or insulation board.

Characteristics of Insulation Ladder

1.No conductive,excellent electrical insulations property.Power frequency withstandvoltage is 250KV/M.

2.Novel appearance,elegant and beautiful.Normally the color is yellow and other colors could be made according to

customer’s requirement.With particular emphasis,it does not contain heavy metal materials in pigment,and there is no

harm to human body ,which is according with SGS relative standard.

3.Corrosion resistance(corrosion resisting properties of many gas and liquid medium,such as acid,alkali,organic

solvents,salt.According to the actual application environment,you can choose to use the orthophthalic,ISO or

vinyl resin to be basic material),resistance to aging and fading.

4.Light weight,easily to carry.(density of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles is not greater than 2.0,which is only

a quarter of steel,2/3 of aluminum.Its hardness is 10 times than the rigid polyvinyl chloride,absolute strength of it is

higher than aluminum and ordinary steels).

5.High strength,impact resistance,high safety performance.The alkali-free glass fiber has the continuous yarns and

mats as reinforced material during the process of production,which is enough to ensure mechanical strength of the


6.By national electric power industry safety and instrument of quality supervision, inspection and test center testing,the product conforms to the national standard GB17620-1998 [general technical conditions of insulation rigid ladder for

live line tools].

7.Low water absorption,good antiflaming ability(flame propagation rate (ASTEM-84) is less than 25 of the

common antiflaming gratings;advanced vinyl anti-flaming grating is less than 10.Oxygen index is no less

than 28(GB 8924).

ordering instructions

Customers need to provide the following content. #specifications #technical parameters #acceptance standard

#packing requirements. Also it would be better so provide using conditions to that our engineer can make preliminary

design (layer structure design,materials select and production process ) to ensure thatthe cost performance of products can content you totally.

FRP insulation step ladder FRP insulation step ladder
FRP insulation step ladder FRP insulation step ladder