Power station wet electric dust for conductive anode tube

【leadFRP】Product introduction

Conductive composite anode tube is made up of fiberglass, glass cloth and carbon fiber felt, through connecting fiber impregnate the high performance of vinylite, high temperature curing pultrusion in the temperature controlled sexangle mold. The tube wall section of conductive composite anode tube consist of internal, middle and external three layers: the internal layer is flame retardant conductive carbon fiber mat, the middle layer is reinforced fiber glass, and external layer is fiberglass mat. High performance of vinylite has features of flammability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, heat resistance. Almost conductive composite anode tube are regular hexagon, inscribed circle diameter of tube is 250mm∽400mm, the length can reach to 6 meters, the wall thickness usually less than or equal to 3mm.

The features of LEAD【leadFRP】Conductive composite anode tube

1.Decay resistance to strong sex, resistant all kinds of dilute acid, alkali, salt, such as corrosion of corrosive medium.

2.Good conductivity, high efficiency of dust and fog removal.

3.Light weight, confirmed height and overall dimension, cost saving of support platform, extend the service life of the equipment.

4.Compact structure, honeycomb structure makes every internal and external surfaces of the diode surface precipitation.

5.Good flame retardant, the oxygen index of the material can reach 30%.

6.Long service life, generally can reach more than 20 year.

The parameters of 【leadFRP】Conductive composite anode tube

1、The inner surface volume resistivity Ω :≦ 150

2、Barcol hardness: HBa:≧40

3、Density g/cm3: ∽ 1.8

4、Inscribed circle diameter of the tube: 250mm~400mm

5、The length of tube: 2000mm-6000mm

6、The working temperature:≦90℃ (Higher temperature can be customized)

The application of LEAD【leadFRP】Conductive composite anode tube

The conductive composite anode tube mainly used for wet electrostatic dust removal (fog), wet electric dust (fog), it is mainly used for removing harmful substance of dust, acid mist, water droplets, aerosols, gas, tar and PM2.5 in the wet, an ideal dust removal equipment to control air dust pollution. It widely used in power electric, metallurgy, boiler, chemical industry, waste incineration, building materials, ect industry depth of wet flue gas purification, low ultra clean emissions.

Ordering instructionsof LEAD【leadFRP】Conductive composite anode tube

Conductive composite anode tube module consist of a number of hexagonal tubes together deposit pole. The tube number of anode module can customize as customer’s request, the external part reinforced, ect process. We supply assembled products to customers.

The following information has to provide when ordering. # Drawing # Technical data # Acceptance standard # Packing request. It is better to provide the working conditions for earlier design by our technician conveniently. (Auxiliary layer design, select materials and production process)