The subway tunnel with phenolic FRP cable bracket

The subway tunnel with phenolic FRP cable bracket

Phenolic FRP cable bracket is made up of preforming phenolic molding compounds by high temperature and high pressure curing,Products with high flame retardant, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, good electrical insulation

Product main technical performance indicators are as follows

1、 Combustion performance level reach GB8624-2006 building materials and products combustion performanceclass A2

2、Support each layer arm under the normal use of the relative deflection value is not more than L/150, the safety coefficient is not less than five times

3、 Bending strength is not less than220MPa

4、 The impact strength is not less than150kJ/m2.

5、 Insulation resistance is not less than1.0×1012Ω

6、 Life is not less than 35 years