What are the advantages of FRP?

1. Lightweight and high strength

The density of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles is about 1.7, which is 4 to 5 times lighter than steel, but the strength is very large. Its tensile strength is 350 to 450 MPa, which is close to that of ordinary carbon steel. The bending strength is 388 MPa and the bending elastic modulus is 20900 MPa. Reinforced with steel lining, the glass fiber reinforced plastic window has been tested, and the wind pressure resistance performance reached 5.3Kpa, exceeding the level 8 in the international GB / T7106-2002 standard.

2. Significant health, environmental protection and energy saving effects

The test results of glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows meet the requirements of the main building materials in GB6566-2001 “Limits of Radionuclides in Building Materials”. The test results are 0.2, the internal exposure index is 0.2, and the external exposure index is 0.2.

3. Corrosion resistance

FRP is an excellent corrosion-resistant material, which has good resistance to acids, alkalis, salts and most organic substances, sea water and humidity, and it has resistance to the action of microorganisms. It has such characteristics that it is especially suitable for use in rainy, humid and coastal areas, and places with corrosive media.

4. Good dimensional stability

The linear expansion coefficient of FRP profiles is 7.3 × 10-6 / ℃, which is lower than that of steel and aluminum alloys and 1/15 of plastics. Therefore, the dimensional stability of FRP doors and windows is good, and changes in temperature will not affect the normal opening and closing function of doors and windows.

5. Good weather resistance

FRP is a thermosetting plastic. After the resin is cross-linked, it forms a three-dimensional network molecular structure, which becomes an insoluble and infusible body. The heat deformation temperature of FRP profiles is above 200 ℃, and the high temperature resistance is good. The low temperature resistance is better.

6. Good insulation performance

FRP is a good insulating material, it is not affected by electromagnetic waves, does not reflect radio waves, has good microwave permeability, and can withstand high voltages without damage. Therefore, glass fiber reinforced plastic doors and windows have special uses for temporary buildings in the field and buildings with communication systems.

7. Rich colors

The FRP profile has high hardness, and can be coated with various paints to make doors and windows of various colors to adapt to the facade effect of buildings of different styles and grades.

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