Wind Power Blade Exporter

In 2021, affected by the sudden outbreak, the development rhythm of China’s wind power industry chain has also been disrupted. The installed capacity in the first quarter was slightly sluggish, and the problem of “tightening” in the supply chain became more prominent. However, the construction of wind power projects in China has basically resumed as major enterprises have resumed work and resumed production in a hurry.

Below, the Polaris Wind Power Network specifically counts the bidding of wind power projects in the first quarter of 2021 for your reference. A total of 355 major wind power projects won the bidding information involving 5 wind power operators of Three Gorges, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation, Huaneng, Datang and China Resources.

• Information on the bidding of 52 wind power projects of the Three Gorges Group, with a total bid price of about 25.264 billion yuan

Judging from the overall data of the five major operators, the Three Gorges Group’s wind power project won the largest amount of bids, because most of them are offshore wind power project equipment procurement or construction. Of the 52 wind power project winning information, only 16 non-offshore wind power projects.