LEADFRP Composite Material Business Division Notice About Holding Supplier Talkfest

Suppliers and partner manufacturers:

The outgoing 2018 has witnessed our remarkable achievements. In the passing year, LEADFRP Composite Material Business Division has received your great support and assistance, so that both of us can warm up and move forward. Although the economic environment is not so friendly to our development, we are pleased that we overcome all the difficulties and reach the goal of this year with your support.

Always adhering to the concept of “cultivating suppliers, stabilizing the supply chain, and establishing win-win relations with suppliers”, we treat suppliers and customers equally. By the way, please mail the supply VAT invoice before December 20, 2018 for us to check the account and arrange payment.

The talkfest of suppliers and partner manufacturers is planned to hold on January 5, 2019 in Xi’an Jingwei International Hotel. We are looking forward to your punctual participation.

LEADFRP Composite Material Business Division
December 15, 2018